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B737 QRG – Boeing 737 Quick Reference Guide by Bill Bulfer

October 19th, 2011
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737 QRG IndexQuite recently we reviewed 737 Alerts by Bill Bulfer and we thought it was an awesome learning tool for Boeing’s popular 737.  Around the same time Bill, alongside software developer Robert Dorsett, produced B737 QRG. We have spent a few weeks playing with it!

First thing we noticed as with 737 Alerts, is that it is intuitive and quick to navigate. No complicated menu structures or fancy animated intro screens that flash fancy colours at you while you sit there waiting to get started.  No, the first screen is simply a colour coded index displaying the categories of aircraft systems; Engine, APU, Fire, Air Conditioning etc.

Click one and the sub menu appears with all checklists for that particular item, we clicked on <Engine> and up pops Engine Failure / Fire /Shutdown, One Engine Inoperative Landing Checklist, Engine Inflight Start etc.  We noted some of the checklists have a picture of the associated warning along side, which allows for quick identification of the required checklist.

Click on the <High Oil Temperature> checklist and its all very familiar.  Title of the checklist followed by a condition statement allows for confirmation of the non normal condition.  This particular checklist has an <if> statement.  This is dealt with by putting the two options in separate boxes with a large <or> label between. The boxes then contain the checklist items in an intuitive layout.

The design is easy on the eyes, the background is black, actions in yellow and commentary is in white.  Decisions are written in orange with options separated into boxes.  The end of the checklist is signified by a STOP symbol.Screenshot B737 QRG

Looking around the other checklists reveals some inconsistencies with the checklist layouts, on some checklists for example memory items are surrounded by a red box and labeled IMMEDIATE ACTIONS. This is the case, for example, on the APU Fire (Inflight) but then the Engine Failure / Fire / Shutdown doesn’t seem to have memory items.  This is maybe to do with the fact that some airlines, mine especially, has highly customised quick reference handbooks which could lead to some confusion when using this app. On that basis the authors themselves state that the app is designed for informational purposes only and the final authority for the safe operation of the aircraft is with your company QRH.

Quite simply, if you are learning to fly the B737 series of aircraft then this is an essential app to supplement your existing training. Another 5 out of 5!

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