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737 Alerts – Aircraft Reference Guide by Bill Bulfer

September 27th, 2011
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PFD Errors - 737 Alerts

Opening Screen - 737 Alerts

737 Alerts is a reference guide which gives detailed descriptions of the various warnings and FMC messages produced by the Boeing 737 new generation series of aircraft.

There are options to select the specific model out of 737 600 to 900 and BBJ1/2/3.  On first firing up the app you are you are presented with a diagram of the 737 flight deck.

Next, tap the area of interest, in this case I went for a pack light.  Tapping the overhead panel allows you to zoom in further and then hit the air con and pressurisation panel. You then get a list of available errors and lights.  Tap <pack> and up comes a detailed description of the possible causes and possible solutions.  Its also provides links to the appropriate MEL and QRG entries.

The app has been created by Bill Bulfer, the author of the popular 737 cockpit companion.  If you fly the 737 you will have heard of this, you probably even own it and know the quality and accuracy.  This app maintains this high standard and although it’s not the cheapest of apps, it’s still worth the current $15 asking price.

The usual caveats apply and the Boeing and Company manuals of course have the final authority over the safe operation of the aircraft.  But it is a very useful addition to the manuals especially if you are new to the type.

We really like this app, it’s intuitive and quick to use and the author is a trusted expert on 737 systems.  Bill’s books have been the leading third party reference handbooks for years.

We have no hesitation in giving it the top score of 5/5.